A Handy Guide On How To Detangle Curly Hair

Trying to detangle naturally curly hair can drive anyone crazy! Most people think that it’ll do the job if they use the right curly hair products, but that isn’t always enough. Products for curly hair can help only if you know the right way of detangling.

How to Detangle Curly Hair | Wella Professionals

But, what is the right way? Should you be using a comb? Or a hairbrush? Should you detangle it when it’s wet or when it’s dry? Do you need any specific hair products for curly hair when trying to detangle it? The questions are endless.

Well, there’s no need to worry. All you have to do is stick to the following curly hair routine and carry on! Read on for a useful guide on how to detangle curly hair.

Start With Damp Hair

Well, this is the golden rule of detangling curly hair if you’ve ever gone at your dry curls with a brush or a comb — ouch! It’s a painful process and can lead to a lot of unnecessary breakages. So, the best time to detangle your hair is after you’ve washed it with curly hair products like curly hair shampoo and conditioner. Now, you can try detangling your hair at this stage, but if you find that it’s still too fragile and tangled to use a comb, then give it a pause and read what’s next.

curly hair shampoo and conditioner, you will also have to purchase other products for curly hair in India. The most important one being a curly hair leave-in cream. Gently apply some leave-in cream to your strands. Alternatively, you can also spray your hair with a detangling hair spray. Would you please make sure they are both hair products for curly hair?

Bring Out a Wide-Tooth Comb

Using a hairbrush on damp curly hair is a big no. You’ll need to get a wide-tooth comb instead. They’re easily available in the market.

Comb It, But Be Patient

Use the wide-tooth comb to detangle curly hair. However, you’ll have to work in specific directions patiently. Assess the tangles in your hair. Are they at the bottom? Or the top? Most likely, the tangles are towards the ends. So start from the bottom and work your way upwards. Comb through in small sections and be gentle. After all, you’re the only person who can be kind to your curls.

Apply Hair Serum

Here’s another curly hair product that’s an incredible part of your curly hair routine. Expect beautiful tangle-free and smooth curls at the end of the day! A curly hair serum will help nourish your hair and prevent it from getting tangled through the day.

Detangling curly hair can be a tricky process, but if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you won’t have to worry at all. As mentioned, avoid using a hairbrush on wet hair. Normally, one shouldn’t brush dry curly hair as well. However, if you absolutely need to, make sure to use a curly hair leave-in gel or cream to tame those wild strands, and you’re good to go!

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