The 3 Best 3-in-1 Makeup Sticks of the Million I’ve Tried

About a year ago, I wrote about my adoration of Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in the shade Formentera. I still use my Beach Stick near-constantly; the bitten, berry color, the convenient stick packaging, and the ease of applying the blendable formula to my lips, cheeks, and eyelids all ensure the product’s forever-placement in my makeup bag. Since discovering CT’s Formentera, I have become something of a multi-stack connoisseur.

They’re convenient, yes, but I also love how they create a pretty, cohesive makeup color story, my favorite day-to-day look. I’ve found that not all multi sticks are created equal: each brand has its packaging, formula, and pigmentation. Since I’ve accumulated so many, I reach for a different multi-stack product depending on my day’s events (fancy or not fancy) and the mood my skin is in that day (dry or hydrated). Below, my three all-time favorite cruelty-free, multi-vegan sticks and what they do best.

The 3 Best 3-in-1 Makeup Sticks of the Million I’ve Tried 1

Bite Beauty Multistick in Mochi

I first learned about Bite Beauty’s multi-stack from my makeup-artist friend Shayna Goldberg. She told me that the product creates the most beautiful, natural flush and has a very powdery finish. I don’t reach for this product on days when my skin is ultra-dry and parched. Still, it has become my absolute go-to for hot, sweaty days (summer is coming, you guys, and this product will be your best friend) or when I have a very long day. I know I won’t easily retouch because this multi-stick honestly does not budge once applied (which is why Shayna particularly loves it for long shoot days).

Seriously: If I put this on on my lips, cheeks, and lips in the morning, when I get home that evening, I find it right where I left it. The packaging of this product is also great — it’s small but mighty (a little goes a long way) and has a magnetic cap, so it will never go rogue in your makeup bag. I have two favorite shades of this product: Mochi, a deep red for creating that beachy, hot flush, and Papaya, a coral rose for when I want a youthful, spring look.

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