7 Ways to Combat Scalp Issues Like Dandruff and Hair Loss Caused by COVID Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been kind to anyone. Surprisingly, staying indoors and away from pollution hasn’t had the hair care benefits one would expect. For many, staying indoors in 2020 has been catastrophic, leading to unprecedented hair loss and scalp-related problems like dandruff. Why? The answer is simple – stress. If it’s not the daily pandemic numbers, other factors like work, personal relationships, etc. Dietary and environmental changes clubbed with hormonal imbalance and more. There are many reasons for hair loss and dandruff, but don’t worry; there’s a way out.

1. Wash Hair Less Frequently

While washing your hair is extremely important, one should be careful and not overdo it. It’s possible that your hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as it used to in the pre-pandemic days because you’re not getting exposed to the same kind of pollutants anymore. In that case, washing your hair more than necessary can strip it of natural oils. So, if you washed your hair thrice a week earlier, try cleaning it only twice and see how it goes. Your choice of hair care products can also affect how your hair reacts amidst COVID-19.

2. Oil It Up

If your hair feels dry or damaged, oiling it up might be the key! Even a little of the right oil can go a long way and keep your hair hydrated. Godrej Professional’s Acai Oil gives your hair the perfect amount of moisture and shine. It protects porous hair. Apply it on dry or damp hair – both work fine! Argan oil is another hair care product that can do wonders for anyone with scalp issues during the pandemic. It nourishes and strengthens frizzy hair.

3. Have a Hair Care Routine

Staying home doesn’t mean you give up on your hair care routine or stop paying attention to the hair care products you’ve been using all along. So what if you haven’t been stepping out? Your hair is still as precious as it used to be. If anything, now is the right time to invest more and figure out what works for your hair. Godrej Professional’s Honey Shampoo is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce hair breakage, reducing hair loss. The Keratin Shampoo, paired with the Keratin Mask, can do wonders if you have fine textured hair and a dry scalp.

4. regulate Your Diet

While hair care products are a big part of coping with COVID stress-related scalp issues, so is your diet. It’s important to eat right. Staying up late inevitably leads to unhealthy midnight snacking, and junk food isn’t ideal for a healthy scalp or hair. So when you make that trip to pick up a bottle of Acai Oil or the Honey Shampoo, grab some fruits and vegetables on the way as well.

5. Avoid Curling or Straightening

Using too much heat on your hair can have a negative impact. Add to that COVID stress – it could just be a recipe for disaster! So if you’re thinking of curling or straightening your hair, after a Keratin Shampoo hair wash, just for the ten-minute Zoom appearance, try skipping it for a few weeks and assess whether or not it impacts your hair.

6. Take Supplements

Remember, your hair and scalp are as important as the rest of your body and require ,nourishment. Haircare products like Keratin Mask or Acai Oil help replenish your hair and scalp, but it’s not always enough. If your hair and scalp lack important nutrients and minerals, don’t hesitate to take supplements.

7. Visit The Doctor

2020 has witnessed a surge in patients complaining of premature hair loss and scalp-related problems. If experimenting with your hair care routine hasn’t yielded satisfactory results, maybe the problem is more deep-rooted and medical. Stress can flare up skin issues like scalp eczema, and getting a doctor to diagnose and help treat the condition is the only way to go about it.

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