Former Hollywood set designer brings fashion to Mill Valley store

When Hollywood set fashion designer Floyd Albee and his spouse, Julia, a business photographer, moved to Mill Valley last June. They merged their abilities and experience into Prevalent Projects, a design studio, and saved their new homeland. The couple had a smooth establishment in November and just released Prevalent Projects’ (prevalentprojects.Com) new internet site along with her pictures. Albee became the innovative pressure at the back of each studio’s design and the 1,200-rectangular-foot keep, where examples of furnishings, lighting fixtures, domestic items, apothecary items, and jewelry are showcased to experience before being ordered.


He studied the structure and was skilled as a modernist; however, have become a Hollywood set fashion designer and was given his first spoil in the early Nineties with “Tombstone” (a Western starring Val Kilmer, Sam Elliot, and Kurt Russell) earlier than shifting directly to different movies and excessive-cease advertisements and, in the end, interior design. Set or production layout and indoor design “are almost equal crafts,” he says. “As a production clothier, one engages in such a selection of styles, periods, and sensibilities that one is compelled to work outdoors of a preferred aesthetic. His preferred aesthetic is warm and modern-day with Japanese or Scandinavian effects.

Among his design credits are the 2003 redesign of the Viper Room for Johnny Depp, some interior installations for fundamental tech companies, and the couple’s home in Los Angeles. He is operating on two projects — a huge bohemian-fashion seashore house in Hawaii and a home in Calgary, British Columbia — and focusing, with his spouse, on the store. We opened this save and interior layout commercial enterprise as a provider to this magical community. This is Marin County and the extra Bay Area,” he says. “We noticed a lack of cutting-edge layout offerings right here, so we concept it might be a first-rate addition. And commercial enterprise is brisk. “People are always available and ask us what in our shop might move in their house,” he says. “They carry in pics, and we can speedily find a way to deliver that best piece to give their domestic collectively.

Julia Albee specializes in locating store products from a chosen institution of providers, seeking out items with a smooth, warm, cutting-edge layout that complement others within the showroom. She looks for present-day furnishings; however, now not mid-century, it is dependable without an off-gassing, properly-made, solid timber furniture with a heirloom quality. So frequently, the more modern pieces are stark and austere,” she says. “I’m constantly asking if it’s cozy, where it is made, it’s the tale with story road. One line she determined and likes are Sun at Six. “It is made in China but without screws or nails, is traditional Chinese joinery, and the leather is tanned in Italy,” she says.

Her preferred merchandise in the shop is:

  • Mt. Washington Pottery Lamps. “I love pottery,” she says. “These are carved and graphic. However, the finish, or glaze, is classic.”
  • Muuto Fiber Armchair in cognac leather. “It is available in three one-of-a-kind bases, the coloration is extraordinarily versatile, and it seems right in almost any room,” she says.
  • The Campo diffuser. “It’s a trustworthy manner to make your home smell tremendous,” she says.
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