Get a Gift Box For Custom Shirt Packaging

Shirt packaging has been a long-time trend for many apparel retailers. However, it is only getting more popular today. Several apparel ecommerce sites have recently started providing gift boxes for custom shirt packaging to their consumers. With the holiday season in full swing, this will be an excellent opportunity for any retailer who wants to catch the demand for customized shirts to offer them as additional offers.

The Importance of Custom Shirt Packaging

Custom shirt packaging can be used to promote businesses as well as brands. A custom shirt is excellent but doesn’t have the same account as a custom shirt packaging. People want to know the story behind their purchase, and custom packaging helps fill those gaps. The potential customer can see the materials used; they can see the company’s logo, the branding, and the story behind the company.

Shirt Packaging

Types of Custom Shirt Packaging

A shirt is a garment for a person’s upper body. There are many shirt types; for example, a T-shirt is a form of a shirt that is a plain fabric with sleeves and a round neckline. A tank top is a shirt with no sleeves and a scoop neckline. A polo shirt is a button-down collar shirt. A button-down shirt can be a dress shirt, oxford, or chambray—the types of shirts that can be custom packaged vary.

Ordering Custom Shirt Packaging

Custom shirt packaging is an excellent option for companies who want to add a unique touch to their packaging that sets them apart from the competition. The packaging will highlight the brand and create excitement for potential customers. Companies that use custom shirt packaging are helping to develop brand loyalty, which is a critical factor in marketing.

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Choosing the Right Type of Custom Shirt Packaging

The main goal of custom shirt packaging is to make sure the recipient is happy with the item they receive. Custom shirt packaging has a couple of options, including a tube, a box, a pouch, or a bag. A tube is a thin cardboard tube that can be folded and sealed at both ends. This type of packaging is often used for a single shirt. A box is a thick cardboard box often used for a handful of shirts.

Shirt packaging plastic

Marks & Spencer’s Shirts’ packaging plastic is designed to be practical and environmentally friendly. “Designing to be practical and environmentally friendly” makes the M&S Shirts packaging plastic unique. The materials used to make it are recyclable, 100% recyclable, and compostable, meaning the packaging can be disposed of in the trash after one use. It also has no added plastic, allowing for easy recycling. Furthermore, it does not require water or other resources to make.

Shirt Packaging Ideas

Design for an eco-friendly shirt packaging company. An eco-friendly shirt packaging company wants to appeal to its customers with sustainability by designing a product that can be recycled or reused. Take this project as an opportunity to evaluate your company’s sustainability practices and use the ideas that work for you. Please visit our website to learn more about how J2 Global helps businesses become environmentally sustainable.

Improving Dress Shirt Packaging

You work in an office and wear a dress shirt to work. You wear it for many hours and then change into the same shirt again the next day. Your sweater has no wrinkles and is as fresh as when you put it on. A packager will typically receive a shipment of shirts and be directed to stack them on a large table. After a week or two, the shirts will be sorted by color and placed into boxes for distribution. This sorting and boxing process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if your company has many warehouses. As a packager, you will want to learn about the latest shirt packaging technology to improve efficiency and cut costs.

What Are Shirt Packaging Options?

You have two choices for shirt packaging. The first option is to place the garment in a polybag, then insert it into a corrugated cardboard box for shipping. At the end of September, UK retailer Currys sent out an email to customers who had placed orders for the Fire TV Stick with an image of a non-bagged version of the item in a box and a promise that “when it’s back in stock,” it would be shipped in a more protective cardboard box. “The returns team will not accept this product for return if it is returned in a polythene bag,” the email said. The second option is to have garments shipped in bulk without packaging materials. The first option is to place the garment in a polybag, then insert it into a corrugated cardboard box for shipping.

Custom Cardboard Shirt Packaging Boxes

Custom cardboard shirt packaging boxes provide a cost-effective and sturdy way to ship and store clothes. The durability of these boxes is perfect for heavy garments, and because they’re made from sturdy cardboard, you don’t have to worry about the clothes getting creased or ripped. When shipping shirts and other garments, these boxes are a top choice because they can be reused many times without showing any wear and tear.


Shirt packaging is a collection of creative ways to package a shirt; some innovative solutions include wrapping the shirt in a creative box or pouch. These steps will make your shirt stand out and look appealing to the recipient. Thanks for reading the end of this article; if you enjoyed it, we’d appreciate it if you liked and shared it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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