‘I like his style’: praise for John Bercow from China ambassador

He has drawn the ire of his compatriots on both facets of the aisle throughout his tenure as Commons Speaker – and possibly no more so than since the Brexit vote in 2016. But it turns out John Bercow has some sudden fanatics overseas – together with China’s ambassador to the World Trade Organization. Zhang Xiangchen praised Bercow’s regularly divisive Commons way on Tuesday and recommended the body observe the Speaker’s lead on a ruling concept debatable by many pro-Brexit MPs.

I very similar to the style and the voice of John Bercow, who is the speaker of the House of Commons,” Zhang stated. The ambassador cited Bercow’s “critical decision” that the British government could not bring the identical Brexit deal returned for repeated votes all through the same session without huge changes, based on a rule relationship from the seventeenth century. I assume possibly we should recall having similar guidelines to ensure the first-class of our discussions,” Zhang delivered.

'I like his style': praise for John Bercow from China ambassador 1

The WTO has been at loggerheads over ability reforms for a way longer than the Westminster wrangling precipitated via the UK’s vote to go away the European Union. While the UK’s protracted go out may not be a model of the manner to conduct global trade relations, Zhang told an assembly in Geneva – wherein the United States ambassador reiterated proposals to alternate the rights of growing countries at the WTO – that he was watching the Brexit debates on television.

And his comments approximately Bercow attest to the regard wherein the Speaker is held in a few countries. The Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, these days ran a profile of him headlined: “No one at the British island can call ‘order, order’ more superbly than John Bercow. In the item, the paper said the “handiest order in British politics comes from” him. It stated the “louder, boisterous and, sure, greater animal than ever” in which he shouts “order” at some stage in parliamentary court cases. According to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Bercow is “not possible to stay with, frequently insufferable, however irreplaceable,” even as Radio France Internationale named Bercow its “European of the week.”

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