Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019: Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Ideas to Help Spoil Your Mom

If you haven’t gotten the calendar alert, Mother’s Day is just around the nook. Yes, Sunday, May 12, is dedicated to the girls — ahem, superheroes — who provide Us existence, knowledge, and the occasional intestine. Take a look at it; we’re rounding up the great beauty, fashion, and lifestyle gifts to honor the main lady in your life with this year. If your mama is a beauty junkie continually searching out a new lotion or potion, there may be plenty of gravity-defying skincare and glow-inducing makeup. Up her game, even in addition to facial rub-down tools like jade rollers, Opens a New Window. And gua sha Opens a New Window.


Each is revitalizing and relaxing. Show up to pair flawlessly with first-rate soft (and monogrammed!) robes for relaxed nights. Garden-inspired candles and the gift of fresh blooms are also usually an amazing idea, as are personalized rings (assume: bespoke attraction necklaces and energetic crystal bracelets) that she’ll treasure for years. We’ve also located aromatherapy sleep kits that might make up for all the candy shut-eye you deprived her of in your teens.

From girl-like lip kits (yes, there is this kind of thing) and excessive-fashion lipstick cases (due to the fact who doesn’t need a designer bag, particularly for their preferred lippie?) to sweet-smelling fragrances and luxe bathe caps, maintain scrolling to keep all of our 2019 Mother’s Day present ideas a good way to have your mom looking and feeling like the wonder female she is!

A lip kit for ladies, this restrained-edition three-piece set is inspired with the aid of the Japanese Magnolia and a lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm in a universally flattering rose hue. $85, tatcha.Com Opens a New Window. Tug at your mother’s heartstrings — ahem, chakra — with this active rose quartz (the stone that embodies love and self-gratitude!) and sterling silver bracelet. $25, waxandwanejewelry.Com Opens a New Window.

Khloe Kardashian’s inclusive apparel line is here with empowering tees in sizes XS to 3XL. $ fifty-five, goodamerican.Com Opens a New Window. However, if your mother loves the heady scent of clean flowers, now not the renovation of being concerned for them, this fragrant duo smells much like the actual thing — sans muss and fuss. $one hundred thirty, diptyqueparis.Com Opens a New Window.

Yes, those beauties are edible! Satisfy your mother’s sweet teeth with those made-to-order cookies that p.C. All the desirable vibes of her favorite crystals into one delicious bite. Goodvibescookieco.Com Opens a New Window. When you are near her and hugging, all six hearts will glow up. However, when you turn back and start moving away from her, they lose their glitter one by one. You will not like her heart to lose its love light. Never turn away, indeed. Amazingly, a shirt with six stars will not cost you more than 30 dollars.

Halter with Fiber-optics: This halter top combines fashion and technology to develop an article of greatly innovative clothing for your girl. She will feel on top of the world after wearing this dazzling halter full of light-emitting fiber optics. As the light of fiber optics is purposefully dim, it is advisable to wear this halter oat night to notice its maximum effect. Three triple-A batteries can make it light up the whole night. It is not for the sufferers of a slowdown. It may burn a few holes in your pockets. It costs a staggering 140-150 dollars.

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