Olivia Wilde Just Posted Her Double Cleansing Method On Instagram—But What Is It?

Olivia Wilde hit up the “A Vigilante” premiere in L.A. last night, and like most celebs at a bigwig industry event, she was rocking a full face of glam. However, when the “Life Itself” star got home, she kept it real and shared on her Instagram stories how she gets all that makeup off at the night’s end. Olivia’s secret: double cleansing. Unlike traditional cleansing methods involving one cleanser, this process uses two cleaners to remove your makeup and clean the skin underneath. The first step is typically an oil-based product and is meant to break up and dissolve your makeup. The second step is a more traditional cream or gel cleanser that fully cleans your skin.

Double Cleansing Method

Some people think you can’t take off makeup with non-toxic skincare,” Olivia said, introducing the video. “I’m going to disprove that because I’m wearing as*#t ton of makeup right now,” then points to her face. First, Olivia reaches for the True Botanicals Pre-Cleanse Oil. Here’s where things might sound different from your normal cleansing routine. She pumps oil onto her hands, then works it over her dry skin. Yep! For the oil to do its job and dissolve all your makeup, it can’t come into contact with water yet. As she’s massaging it over her face (this step can take about 30 seconds to a minute), she breaks the awkward silence.

I’ve never made one of these videos before, and I’m not sure how this is supposed to work,” she says as she continues to work the oil over her face. “Do I skip this part or let it be in real-time?” Then the emoji pop on the screen with the caption, “Nailing it? Then directly on top of that oiled-up makeup, she adds a few pumps of the True Botanicals Clear Hydrating Cleanser. This final step in double cleansing is to make sure the skin that’s been sitting underneath your makeup also gets good to cleanse. After she rinses her face and dries off, she tops it with a few drops of True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil Clear, which she calls “the magic product,” and then calls it a night.

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