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For many women, style manner higher than merely the garments you wear. It represents your proper personality and expresses your creativity. Raena Lim, co-founder and COO of Style Theory, holds this perception. More than that, she additionally believes that each woman has to have the freedom to experiment with their styles without being limited.

Aware of the reality that high first-class style isn’t always reasonably-priced and no longer handy for all and sundry, Lim and her companion, Chris Halim, had been stimulated to introduce the “fashion sharing” concept thru their Style Theory platform. Founded in 2016 in Singapore, Style Theory provides ladies with getting admission to to lots of designer gadgets from all around the international. By paying a monthly subscription fee, customers can lease distinctive garments for any events. This way, they can keep money and time; however, they can still rotate their cloth wardrobe.

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The platform expanded its provider to the Indonesian market in early 2018 and has been receiving excellent comments from users and designer companions considering then. It now has over 130.000 subscribers and offers greater than 30.000 fashion gadgets from over one hundred designers in Singapore and Indonesia.

Kasia lately spoke to Raena Lim about Style Theory’s assignment and the future of style.

Kasia (Kr): What is the impetus in the back of Style Theory?

Raena Lim (L): It all began three years ago after I felt that I had not anything to put on even though I have a cloth wardrobe complete of garments. I found out that it was not unusual trouble many women face: after wearing the same clothes extra than twice, we might lose pleasure over the ones specific portions of clothing. Based on that, my accomplice and I have been wondering whether or not the financial sharing system will be applied to the fashion enterprise. Both people come from finance and commercial enterprise backgrounds without any links to the style industry, but we believe that the subscription model may want to bring a new method to the sphere.

We have been stimulated via organizations like Uber and Airbnb that helped shift human beings’ belief of the financial sharing system. We don’t want to feature or produce greater garb through this enterprise model, but we can percentage the existing assets and offer extra choices to our clients, as they have got access to greater than 200,000 style portions. I assume that is what’s specific about the economic sharing system: it offers people more exceptional options without having to make a financial commitment.

Kr: Was Style Theory the primary platform to provide this kind of style rental service in Singapore?

L: There are clothing rental organizations here. However, they usually lease wedding attire, gowns for formal activities, and costumes for special occasions. What we offer isn’t the same as that, as we want to provide prepared-to-wear garb for everyday needs. Our idea is an extension of a woman’s wardrobe—but saved in the cloud.

Kr: What have been the demanding situations?

L: I suppose the most substantial venture of building something that didn’t exist earlier is a way to train humans approximately our product and offerings. And as Chris and I don’t have a heritage in fashion, we needed to catch up speedy via mastering approximately jargon and technical phrases even as constructing connections in the industry.

Kr: Who are your clients?

L: Our customers are modern women from numerous backgrounds and who’ve various hobbies. Some of them are from the corporate global, a few are girls who’re going through pregnancy, and many of them are environmentally aware girls who lead a sustainable way of life.

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