If you observe Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram, you realise she’s a veritable treasure trove of splendour suggestions, hints, and hacks. So after I heard approximately the masterclass that she and hairstylist David Lopez had been hosting in Los Angeles last month, I knew I had to be there and to take note of my findings for those who could not make it.

The Total Picture: Masterclass was billed as a demystification of the getting-geared up technique, formatted similar to the talented make-up artist’s wildly popular Instagram Live periods, where she explains every product and its application as she layers it onto her face. The handiest distinction here changed into that instead of tens of thousands looking on Instagram Live, there had been most effective 40 folks within the room, so while someone shouted out a query, it turned into sure to be replied. And at the same time as that changed into splendid for the one’s gift, and I sincerely advise attending any destiny sessions that Hughes and Lopez put on the calendar, it also intended that the pearls of know-how spilt throughout the 90-minute demonstration were only for the ones folks in attendance.

But do not worry, because as the dutiful, splendour-loving Virgo that I am, took copious notes. From 3 pages of eager scrawls, these are the nineteen excellent hints from that day’s Masterclass. They cover everything from complexion and texture, which are Hughes’s specialities, to skin-prep, makeup software, brush techniques, and even hair care and styling. It’s a string of valuable gemstones all in one area, laid out inside the necessary order in which you ought to use them, that I trust will revolutionise your approach to splendour. Seriously.
Skin Care

Skin-prep is the holy grail as a long way Hughes is worried, so this is where we begin our adventure.

1. Moisturise Strategically

When making use of moisturizer, swipe a small quantity onto the high factors of your face — your brow, cheekbones, the bridge of the nostril, and chin — after which use the leftover product on your fingers for shine-susceptible areas just like the T-region to keep away from turning into a melty replicate on those hot, summer season days.
2. Personalise Your Regimen

While anybody’s pores and skin is unique, Hughes had some beauty tips for a number of the more common complexion woes. For people with oily pores and skin, she recommends an emollient moisturiser, even as she says those with dryer pores and skin must attain for peel pads and exfoliators.

If you see redness, strive a quick facial rub down to get the blood shifting, and most significantly, in case you sense like you’re doing the entirety and not anything is operating, do the other: not anything. Instead of indiscriminately piling on the goods, see what happens while you supply your skin a smash; it’ll come up with a miles better idea of the care it is yearning.

Next up is a series of recommendations that paintings wonders, whether you are aiming for a light sheen of BB cream or a full-insurance basis.

Three. Embrace Your Texture

Hughes prefers to have a good time her skin’s texture in preference to covering it below layers of makeup, so she implored her Masterclass attendees to make certain our pores and skin-prep and complexion products are continually running in tandem in preference to against every other. The trick, she says, is to consider what your base make-up will be applied on the pinnacle of, and then adjust the pores and skin’s texture accordingly to compensate.



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