The 24-yr-vintage Connor Cruise will tie the knot together with his Italian female friend in a Scientology ceremony however his dad has reportedly refused to allow his former partner attend.
According to reports, a supply told informed RadarOnline: “Tom is in the back of this and what he desires is as appropriate as law. Tom made the decision and Connor accompanied.”
The insider advised the information outlet that Connor ‘worships the ground his father walks on’ and wouldn’t ever defy his desires.
Cruise and Kidman were given hitched in 1990, later adopting two youngsters, Connor and the now 26-yr-antique Isabella – whose wedding ceremony she also ignored again in 2015 – but after the A-list couple break up Cruise claimed custody in their youngsters.

The source reportedly went on to mention: “First, Tom would in no way even consider inviting Nicole to Connor’s wedding because she’s considered a ‘suppressive person’ via the church – and, second, he doesn’t need her there.”


This surprising information comes after former follower, Leah Remini, spread out approximately her time within Scientology, claiming Cruise is considered to be a ‘deity’ by means of a lot of its followers.
The forty eight-year-antique stated: “Scientologists are informed that Tom Cruise is saving the world single-handedly, so he’s considered a deity within Scientology. He is 2nd to David Miscavige – the savior of the loose world. Tom is even called ‘Mister Cruise’ by way of group of workers contributors.”

She claimed the hierarchy in the church try and make certain the actor in no way sees anything terrible about the religion.
She delivered: “Scientology goes to super lengths to not allow Tom to see anything disparaging about Scientology. They’ll cross thus far as, if he’s going to stroll a sure area, they’ll ensure there are no magazines which might be anti-Scientology, so he cannot see that.”
Both Connor and Isabella followed in their dad’s footsteps as practicing Scientologiest and Isabella reportedly claimed the cult had helped her discover a ‘missing piece’ of her life after qualifying to be an auditor.

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