Cinemagia, Bulgari’s high jewellery series for 2019, is inspired by way of international of film. From Italian black and white classics to Hollywood and even Disney, Bulgari has scoured a sizeable range of cinema to create a story to draw collectively one among its largest ever extensive jewellery collections.

One jewel stands out as quite literally bringing the world of film into treasures. The Action! Necklace (above) is a reproduction of a bit of old fashioned celluloid film complete with frames and perforations alongside the rims product of zirconium and diamonds. In case the reference becomes now not clear, a miniature model of the flat, spherical cans used to shop movie has been introduced to the choker. Each frame has a diamond picked out in black as. The film is about a diamond. If like me, you have thought what zirconium is, right here is the reason from Bulgari: ‘(zirconium is) a hyper-resistant metallic which Bvlgari first introduces in the high jewellery enterprise.’

Disney has its location inside the world of Bulgari within the shape of the Fairy Wings (above) necklace that transports us to the enchanted global of Peter Pan and especially the fairy Tinkerbell. Putting aside the unusual reference to a far-loved English youngsters’ storybook, the necklace is Bulgari thru and thru with its rich, glossy drops of luscious-coloured gems.

Likewise the Dolce Vita Colours (above) necklace takes a traditional Bulgari silhouette to even brighter Technicolor realms. The Legendary Diva necklace with emeralds, mom of pearl, rubellites and diamonds, reminds us of Bulgari’s position as a jeweller to the celebrities, that started while the film industry flocked to Rome and Cinecittà turned into created, the birthplace of the legendary display screen divas of Italy.

Emeralds function actively as the stone most intently associated with the Maison at the side of Elizabeth Taylor, who frequented Bulgari when she changed into in Rome filming Cleopatra in 1963 and famously met Richard Burton. The Emeralds Affair necklace (above) is very similar to Elizabeth Taylor’s sapphire sautoir of the same layout given to her via Richard Burton on her fortieth birthday in 1972. Today’s model has a 24.46-carat at its coronary heart, that’s considerably smaller than the sixty five-carat cabochon sugar-loaf reduces sapphire in Liz’s original necklace; this is now a part of Bulgari’s museum series. Other Elizabeth Taylor film references consist of the dramatic Cleopatra ‘poncho’ necklace (below). I have never heard of a ‘poncho’, but it describes the shoulder to shoulder jewel flawlessly.

Unusual for Bulgari, diamonds and pearls make their presence recognised. The Diamond Cascade (beneath) is a shower of diamonds and gems that can be worn as a necklace or draped within the hair. Its extravagant design is a tribute to Claudia Cardinale’s position of Angelica in Visconti’s movie ‘The Leopard’. Rather much less Italian is the platinum Diamond Wonder necklace inspired via the tons-overused 1953 Marilyn Monroe tune ‘Diamonds are a girl’s great buddy’ from the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

Most exciting is the Roman Landscape necklace (under) that depicts in wooden, malachite and diamonds, the umbrella bushes of Rome’s through Aurelia. If you ignored the film hyperlink on this design, I could proportion with you that the same umbrella pines celebrity in the establishing scene of the 1962 movie ‘Il Sorpasso’ with the aid of Dino Risi.

Putting apart the narrative and the Action! Film necklace, for me the low point of the collection, these jewels are a joyous meeting of Bulgari brilliance. The dramatic use of colouration, daring combinations of substances and the notable craftsmanship are the stamp of Bulgari’s prowess. Call it Fairy Wings in case you want, however to me it is Italian design genius and craftsmanship at its exceptional.


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