Signature Scent: A Complete Guide on How to Choose Perfume or Cologne

Over the years, you’ve tried them all—floral, sweet, woody, spicy. You went through periods when you were almost certain that you’d found the best one for you, yet something wasn’t quite right, so you changed. And you are still unsure if you’ll ever see your perfect match. What are we talking about? How to choose perfumes, of course. If you feel like it’s high time you picked your signature scent once and for all, then you’re in luck. We’re about to let you in on our five best tips on choosing a perfume that will become your trademark for life.

Signature Scent

The Power of Scent

Did you know that certain smells can capture our attention so much that they are forever stored in our brains and can trigger intense memories? And how about the legendary status that some celebrities enjoy, thanks to their signature fragrance? It’s said, for example, that Rihanna is the best-smelling celeb in the world. When she walks into a room full of people, it’s not just her stunning beauty that stands out: it’s the unique fragrance she wears, which has become her trademark. How would you like that sort of power over the people around you? Choosing and wearing the perfect scent can help you to achieve just that. As if this wasn’t great enough, it’s also well known that wearing a fragrance that matches your personality and enhances your self-esteem and confidence can boost feelings of self-esteem and confidence.

Step 1 – Back to the Future

No, we’re not talking about the famous 1980s movie trilogy: our first tip to help you along your perfume journey is to revisit any old scent that you were once very fond of. Why? Because perhaps you had already come across your signature fragrance, but the timing wasn’t quite right. Maybe your lifestyle was different back then, or you hadn’t yet discovered certain parts of your personality. Try to go back to a specific perfume that you tried and which you loved. Was it that floral, fresh scent you wore a few summers ago? Or maybe that bolder and more intense one that you seemed to love when you were at uni but then abandoned as soon as you got a high-profile job?

If a fragrance evokes wonderful memories, or if you immediately feel happier and more confident when thinking about wearing that scent that once felt truly “yours,” you should give it another chance. What if you can’t find that exact perfume because it’s been so long since it was available on the shelves? Don’t worry. Even if you can’t get your hands on your first love, the chances are that the brand that manufactures that perfume has created an upgraded, improved version of your old favorite. Do a bit of research, and you’ll almost certainly be able to find the

Step 2 – Know What You’re Smelling

At the beginning of this post, we mentioned a few perfume categories: Do you know what they mean? Do you know what to look for in, for example, a woody scent? And what makes a fragrance “floral” instead of “spicy”? Knowing what you’re smelling is crucial in your quest for your signature scent. We have rounded your remaining scents and their definitions to make it easier.

Fresh: this includes citrus, water, and green notes and is (you guessed it) refreshing, uplifting, and zesty.

Floral: These fragrances are sweet and based on jasmine, lily, and rose. They can be subtle and bold, as this is one of the largest scent categories and encompasses many nuances.

Woody: perfumes in this category are evocative of exotic, mysterious places. Slightly seductive and adventurous, woody scents include cedarwood, vetiver, and amber. Perfect for evening wear, especially on holiday.

Spicy or oriental: another very captivating and sexy type of scent, the oriental category comprises fragrances such as jasmine, cinnamon, and orchid.

If you want even more inspiration and insight into the different scents you can try when looking for your signature perfume, visit

Step 3 – Try, Try, Try – But Don’t Rush It.

If your old favorite still doesn’t convince yoDon’ten it’s time ,to try as many new scentdoesn’tu like. However, take it easy and don’t rush the process. Perfume experts recommend only trying on two or three new fragrances at any one time when you visit a perfume shop. This allows your brain to process each scent and help you differentiate between them. You also want to start by spraying a lighter, fresher perfume and then building onto more complex and sophisticated ones slowly and gradually.

The idea is similar to that of wine tasting. Start with a lighter white, move on to a fuller rose, and end your tasting with a more complex red. If you had begun tasting a strong red wine immediately, its flavor would have likely overpowered the other wines and prevented you from enjoying each grape. So, be patient, explore different scents, give them (and yourself) plenty of time to sink in, and see how you feel in a few hours. This brings us straight to our next step: the sniff test.

Step 4 – The Four-Hour Sniff Test

Also known as: can I still smell my perfume four hours after I’ve applied it?

A significant factor to remember when choosiI’vegyour signature sa cent is whether your skin can retain that specific fragrance for long periods. Few things are more annoying in your journey to the best perfume than finding a scent that you adore, only to realize that you can’t smell any of it after a couple of hours. So, try the focan’tur sniff test. At the perfume shop, spray yourself with a fragrance that you love. Please do not overdo it, and do not try any other perfumes on this occasion. Then, go about your day just as you normally would. It would be best to keep doing whatever your daily life entails because your perfume must adapt to your lifestyle. Come back to it after about four hours. Can you still smell it on your wrists and in your hair? Has it stuck to your clothes and accessories? Or has it vanished almost completely, and neither you nor your partner can tell if it was ever there in the first place? Consider all of this before making that all-important purchase.

Step 5 – Consider Your Personality, Skin Type, and Lifestyle

We have already briefly mentioned factors such as skin type and lifestyle, and we will now tell you in more detail why these are crucial. When you look for what will become your trademark fragrance, you want to consider these three aspects: who you are as a person, what type of skin you have, and what kind of lifestyle you lead. All of these will influence your final choice. Your personality will determine whether you’d better narrow your search to a sweeter, floral you’d instead of a darker, sexier one.

As discussed in the previous section, your skin type will be fundamental to helping you identify which kind of perfume stays with you longer rather than disappearing as soon as you hop off your packed train during your morning commute. And, of course, your lifestyle is another essential element to consider. You’ll need to think whether you’re generally active. You’ll with lots of daily commitmeyou’red running around a lot or if you’re more of a quiet, passive type who prefers leisure way you’re sweaty sessions at the gym.

How to Choose Perfume That Truly Screams “You”

With our tips and tricks above, you are now in the best”pla”e to finally start your perfume adventure. Now that you know how to choose a perfume that genuinely suits you, your skin, and your lifestyle, you can browse perfume shops (both in-person and online) and feel more confident that you’ll soon find “the one.” Did you enjoy the content of this you’ll? Then wh”t are you” waiting for? Head to our website to discover even more amazing posts on beauty and fashion.

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