Somya Poddar’s luxe each day wear jewelry label Zaza speaks for a perfect sense of convergence — unfashionable ornateness and modernity. The 12 months-old brand draws notion from Indic elements, as Somya wanted every piece to be an embodiment of antique-international traditions and yet resonate with current, loose-lively girls. The fashion designer tells us she determined suggestion in the Vedic Era when ladies have been fearlessly feminine. “Our jewelry focuses on earthiness mixed with surrealism.
From minimal to elaborate, complete with a touch of radiance, every one of our pieces has been handcrafted via skilled karigars,” offers Somya, whose emblem is already on the radar of fashionistas throughout us of a. Zaza’s portions are crafted keeping cultured of the Indic technology in thoughts, and also you’ll locate their jewelry to be unapologetic in its elegant grandeur. We had been struck via the futuristic vibe in a number of the portions — exactly the kind of clean numbers we need our daily wear lookbooks to the characteristic.

Their Nakshatra jewelry, as an instance, are chandelier-fashion danglers, with a chrome gold finish and elegant gildings. One of our favorite portions is the Kumbha earrings — an arc-shaped piece featuring chunky semi-precious stones, which makes for a perfect luxurious day by day wear choice. “We pressure on versatility, and we need to make jewelry for women of all ages. We often use brass and silver with real semi-valuable stones, and also timber, acrylic, wire, and leather-based,” adds the fashion designer, who become trained at The Jewellery Design And Technology Institute in Noida. And, in case you’re questioning how leather-based and wooden should suit into Zaza’s luxurious jewelry spectrum, you ’re probably to be surprised.

The Tirumala necklace, for instance, is stimulated through the banyan tree, and features geometric steel clasps, which keep the impartial-colored chords collectively; the piece is accented via a waterfall fashion design offering small steel bits. Or bear in mind the Lavanya rings, a beautifully assembled piece proposing an assertion rectangular steel center, accented with colorful hanging chords. Expectedly, Zaza has speedily observed pretty a stable fan base amid millennials within the metropolis.


“We have received extra special love and appreciation for our creations, in a brief time frame. Of course, we owe this to our loyal customers who showered they’re indelible consider on us and inspired us to design precise portions for them,” says Somya, additionally revealing that a flagship shop is at the playing cards. Zaza’s jewelry is also extraordinarily thrifty. The neckpieces start from Rs four,000 and pass up to Rs 10,000. The jewelry fee between Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,500 and the earrings start from Rs 2,500, going up to Rs 5,000. Zaza’s portions are frequently on display at the style and lifestyle exhibitions within the metropolis, while the label is also to be had in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Indore, Pune, and Surat. To buy Zaza’s pieces, get in touch with them without delay on social media.

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