Makeup, But Make It Athleisure

She’s boxing. At least, I think she is. With her lids in opalescent red shadow and her face perfectly highlighted, version Adriana Lima flexed her fingers and bared her toned abs in shorts and a crop pinnacle. The advert has observed the candy spot all girls’ fitness advertising aspire to—somewhere right among sporty and attractive. Lima is posing for Puma X Maybelline, an exercise-makeup collaboration that includes a highlighter, smudge-proof mascara, and liquid lipstick in sun shades like Fearless, a saturated pink, and Fierce, a darkish pink. Maybelline isn’t alone in seeking to make ladies sparkle while they sweat.


Cosmetics enterprise Tarte has a whole athleisure collection, subscription beauty enterprise Birchbox’s in-residence emblem, Arrow, is made for an “on-the-move, lively lifestyles,” and Insta-well-known Nike trainer Kirsty God so reps CliniqueFit, whose products encompass a mascara and cheek tint. In January, Wet n Wild released a set it calls Ath-Beauty; at the same time, Covergirl debuted its Active line, geared closer to sporty, photo-aware consumers.

Although some offerings are specially formulated for sweaty workouts, others tag normal makeup with an “athleisure” label. Still, many products are selling the identical perfect of Lululemon leggings: the ability to pivot from a workout to the rest of your lifestyles, whether grocery purchasing or a drink with buddies. Athleisure assumes a steady state of busyness that doesn’t come up with the money for your time to exchange modes. So these new items are less blush for the backcountry and extra make-up for weekdays when attempting to break far away from the laptop and opt for a run. “Our customer is a multitasker who’s searching out clean-to-use merchandise to serve a clean motive in her recurring,” says Kirstin Ratcliffe, the makeup service provider for Arrow.

Such multitasking is attractive and terrifying. On the one hand, sure, efficiency, please. To that stop, Ratcliffe says Arrow gives girls merchandise that makes daily life less difficult because they can use its makeup and skincare inside and outside the gym. But the negative implication of that efficiency is that ladies—and this is all advertised closer to girls—have to be made upon the fitness center and shouldn’t be barefaced even while nailing dumbbell rows. It creates another narrative around women’s beauty requirements that distracts from our athletic accomplishments and desires.

Still, a clean-face exercise may be hard for many girls. “It’s no mystery that most dermatologists sell makeup-free sweating. But it’s just now not practical for maximum. For me personally, I hardly ever exit the house without something on my face,” says Courtney Jones, cofounder of Sweat Cosmetics, a line of foundations and highlighters designed to be worn simultaneously as working out. Dermatologists say working out with makeup doesn’t have critical fitness impacts. But because your pores open for the duration of a workout, something on your skin—sweat, oil, and makeup—will be extra comfortably absorbed, which could clog pores and cause zits.

Meghan Feely, a board-certified dermatologist, recommends searching out non-comedogenic and oil-free products, like the CliniqueFit line, and washing your face after sweating. Jones, a former expert soccer player, started Sweat when she and her cofounders couldn’t find make-up that was in shape within these dermatological standards to put on at some stage in all-day education classes. She says the response to the new athletic-makeup line has been strongly effective because she thinks it provides a higher alternative for girls who could be carrying makeup even as sweating besides.

At face cost, these alternatives appear like a good issue to me. I realize many individuals like the playfulness and creativity that comes with exchanging theirs seem. Friends say that setting on makeup before their training session makes them sense greater confidence—and self-belief is one of the principal reasons they work out. “Usually, it’s simply anything leftover from the day. Mascara, that form of the element,” says Sierra Shafer, editor-in-chief of Powder Mag. “But I will say, although I’m running out in the morning, I nevertheless get up and put on my makeup because it makes me experience proper approximately myself. If I’m there feeling insecure every time I skip a reflection, I realize I will no longer get an excellent exercise. But if I experience cute, I feel like myself.

I marvel if that confidence would sense one-of-a-kind barely if there weren’t a parade of Instagram influencers giving concrete—but frequently staged—examples of how plenty higher you may appear each time you scroll through your smartphone. The problem isn’t that numerous traces of athleisure make-up exist; those examples are anywhere and experience inescapable. For me, and I’m guessing I’m not alone, a workout has often been the best time and area when I’m not thinking about how I look. Addressing my look earlier than I begin sweating takes away some of that freedom. It brings the creep of the ever-present external gaze again and pulls away from that secure area where no one judges you but yourself.

While I don’t need to dunk on everyone who feels better in mascara, the upward thrust of workout makeup seems like the amalgam of loads of terrible trends: the implication that no region is suitable barefaced and the onslaught of influences whose lives and asses are flawlessly contoured. It is a consistent, onerous want to be on, which at some point will force us to face first into our graves. That said, it’s no longer a simple seasoned or con. It isn’t easy to untangle #selfcare from what feels socially enforced, and the line of demarcation is different for every person. Workout makeup is a component of feminist send-up, driven by the preference to provide us extra time and extra alternatives. Still, it’s also an element of performative external pressure conducted using organizations that capitalize on unrealistic standards of what ladies need to look like. But that’s what being a female often feels like these days.

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