There are a few levels to this lip balm thing. Some balms I use only to keep my lips hydrated and peel-free, I use others to not only hydrate but also provide a subtle tint of color. Then there’s the Boosting Lip and Cheek Stick from Anomie, which is in a league of its own.
Of course, this multi-stick hydrates my dry lips like any other balm, but unlike the others in my makeup drawer, I can use this one on both my lips and cheeks. I know what you’re probably thinking: You use lip balm on your cheeks? As weird as it may sound, I do, and my day-to-day makeup has never looked better. Since I always end up doing my makeup on the train, the stick makes it easier than ever to minimize the number of tools and products I use (there’s only so much space on a train). I can quickly go from applying blush and lip tint to scrolling through Twitter in a matter of minutes, all due to this single product.


The balm, which is made with sunflower seed and vacay oils, and shea butter, makes my skin feel soft and smooth as I apply it. The creamy multi-stick glides on after I use my foundation and concealer without leaving my face feeling sticky or greasy. Additionally, its color is buildable, which means I can add more or less product to my lips and cheeks depending on how intense or subtle of a makeup look I want. Since the product is designed to be twistable, I can avoid making a mess when I’m applying makeup on the go. Just a few swipes from the stick and some light tap with my fingertips to blend in my cheek color, and I’m all set.

While there are six different color options available, I’ve recently gravitated toward the shade Rani, Toasted Papaya. It’s warm; orangey hue complements my yellow undertones without making it look like I’m wearing a ton of products, which is perfect for that no makeup-makeup look.

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