Met Gala: 10 Best Dressed Men

The skies overhead have been grey; however, for guys on the Met Gala’s red carpet, it becomes a gender-bending and spectacularly multi-hued party because the excellent guys’ looks had been anything but dull. If the men in beyond years performed somewhat 2d fiddle to the women’s style statements at the museum’s annual fundraiser, this yr, the “Camp” subject seemed designed to foster male extravagance in nearly every shape specifically. There changed into Harry Styles in Berlin-esque sheer black from Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who performed in Styles’ yang, standing next to him in a welter of surprising purple silk bows. Pose actor Billy Porter didn’t walk like an Egyptian; however, alternatively reclined like one, entering on a clutter held up with the aid of a team of naked-chested boys, glittering in gold through Christian Siriano with a beaded headdress that rivaled whatever Theda Bara wore in silent movie epics.

Met Gala

Also, sporting Gucci, actor, and a buddy of the style residence Jared Leto riffed on a moment from the autumn-iciness 2018 style display by accessorizing his pink tunic dress with an identical model likeness of his very own bearded head. Benedict Cumberbatch looked piece louche in his impeccable white proper (and hatted) nice, a possibly campy appearance back in the days whwhenngland turned into colonial energy. Whether to tip in the direction of the fey or the nearly comically masculine becomes probably a predicament for most male attendees. Still, actor Michael Urie split the difference in an ensemble that became 1/2 pinstriped healthy, 1/2 a fluff of tulle, also courtesy of clothier Siriano. In the quality manner, it underscored the spirit of the evening: why do men have to pick out anyway?

Versace producer Murphy paid tribute to any other legendary entertainer, Liberace, in a beaded outfit that matched the Met’s blush-pink carpet. Even the details of the Christian Siriano-crafted ensemble have been paying homage to “Lee” at his Nineteen Seventies fine — down to the beaded butterfly bow tie and oversize glittering cape collar. Miller additionally worked as a gender-bender in a Burberry pinstripe suit that became 1/2-skirt fit, 1/2-trousers, and finished with a corset-like waist cage. But his surrealist face adornment stood out from the rest, with multiple peepers. The eyes had it; however, which ones had been actual?

Like the golden sun rising on the Nile, Porter conquered the crimson carpet from aloft in a gold-spangled ensemble with The Blonds’ aid. Spreading his sparkling wings, he found a similarly decorated catsuit, a Giza-through-manner-of-Hollywood headdress, and custom gold booties with Giuseppe’s aid Zanotti. Criss glowed in his blazingly be-colored Balmain beaded jacket (that also appeared to don’t forget ’80s motifs of a positive different Italian clothier, an allusion possibly to his award-winning flip in The Assassination of Gianni Versace.) He took it to the subsequent level by using summoning New Wave London flamboyance and his blue eyeshadow and matching blue nail polish. Leto had his head. Some in a Gucci using Alessandro Michele flame-colored tunic in hammered matte satin with padded shoulders, the front ruffle, and crystal-strewn frame jewelry. Accessories protected white tulle gloves with crystal embroidery, a pair of glittering bracelets, and, of direction, the reproduction of his head through computer graphics wizards Machinarium.

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