Deepika Padukone graced the MET Gala in a Barbie-like avatar that made for a surreal sight. Her extravagant ball gown, teamed with an over-the-top hairdo, become something to appearance out for. But it was her sensational makeup that stole the show. Deepika’s make-up amped up her entire appearance as she selected to move in for a jewel-toned look that became oh-so-lovely. We can already see this trend paintings flawlessly for an edgy celebration or surely to carry out your very own internal princess. Read directly to find out how to recreate this glamorous make-up trend.

Deepika’s makeup featured shades of violet with photo eyes and an ambitious matte pout.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your pores and skin and follow a lip balm for your lips.
Apply an illuminating primer on your face.
Use a mattifying foundation in your face and neck.
Conceal any blemishes with a concealer.
Use an eyeshadow primer for your eyelids.
Choose a fuchsia eyeshadow and follow it over your eyelids.
Pick a silver glitter eyeshadow and apply it to the internal corners of your eyes. Extend this eyeshadow barely to the center for your decrease lash line.
Pick an amethyst eyeshadow and apply it to the center of your eyelids. Do not cross over the crease. Using an angled brush, create image wing angles on the outer corners.
Use a metallic purple eyeliner to your higher lash line and wing it at the outer corners.
Apply a reddish-brown gel eyeliner for your top lash line, beginning from the inner corner and forestall midway via the lash line. Apply the lining at the internal corner of your lower lash line as nicely for sharp definition.
Adhere fake eyelashes for your upper lash line.
Use beneficial quantities of volumizing mascara for your lashes.
Fill for your eyebrows with a forehead pencil and mix it with a spoolie brush.
Apply a bronzer below your cheekbones and blend for a mild contour.
Use highlighter on the excessive points of your face consisting of the cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nostril, and temples.
Apply a garnet red blush for your cheeks.
Pick a deep burgundy lipstick in a liquid matte system and apply it to your lips.
Set your makeup with a spritz of placing spray.Wedding makeup advice: Prepare your skin for your wedding day
Unfortunately, many women wait until they are only a few months away from their wedding day before they even begin to give any thought to skin care. Start early and take care of your skin now. You will need to work out your skin type to help you establish a proper skin care regime. This, combined with good eating habits, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise will ensure that your skin will be radiant on your big day.
For help understanding your skin type and how to develop a quick and easy skin care routine please read Donna’s article; Great looking skin – A simple 4 step skin care guide.
Wedding makeup tip: Beware facials!
Unless you have facials on a regular basis DO NOT get one the week before your wedding day. Facials can pull impurities to the surface, and you do not want to break out the week of your wedding. To also help avoid blotches and blemishes do not make any major changes in your skin care routine during the few weeks before your wedding. The weeks before your wedding is not the time to experiment with your skin care. If you regularly get facials to have your last regular facial a good week before the wedding.

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