Domestic assist held for stealing jewelry worth Rs 2.56 lakh

MYSURU: Jayalakshmipuram police have arrested a home help on prices of stealing jewelry really worth Rs 2.56 lakh within the residence in which she works, on Monday. Mangalamma, 45, a resident of Manjunathapura, turned into operating on M S Revathi’s house in Jayalakshmipuram second Block from the past few years, police said.
Over the years, she won the self-assurance of the owner and another circle of relatives participants. As she turned into handled as one of the circles of relatives participants, the proprietor by no means locked the cupboard. In their agreement with Mangalamma, they allegedly stole the jewelry that changed into saved inside the almirah whilst the own family members have been no longer around, police brought.


After the stealing act, Mangalamma stopped coming to the residence for work. Meanwhile, Revathi, who determined that the jewelry become missing, suspected the housemaid’s hand and registered a policy grievance.
Based on the criticism, Jayalakshmipuram police arrested the housemaid and recovered the jewelry, which became pledged with numerous pawnbrokers. Jayalakshmipuram police are investigating the case.

MYSURU: In India, the mention of the word ‘median’ is bound to evoke a picture that fills one with a feeling of pleasure: Massive bushes capturing upwards from a thin strip of dust purported to demarcate lanes of an unmarried avenue. However, the thin strip dividing the two lanes of Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Mysuru affords no such rosy photo; at the contrary, dotted through mounds of garbage amid which one finds liquor bottles by using the dozen, the ORR median is a veritable photo of woe. What makes the scenario worse is that driving along this arterial avenue after nightfall is a dangerous exercise, given that the streetlights – hooked up at the median – are dysfunctional. Mysuru mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath stated that she becomes privy to ORR’s situation and might address the hassle after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections.

Residents of Dattagalli, Srirampura, and JP Nagar, some of the regions that abut ORR, confirmed to TOI that the thoroughfare’s median had effectively become a dump yard. Dattagalli resident and electrical engineer Ravi Keerthi stated that he noticed humans dumping rubbish on the median each morning while he stepped out for a walk. “Some miscreants are even tossing liquor bottles on the median. Lack of illumination is some other hassle on the road. It is sincerely terrifying to pressure on ORR after sunset,” Keerthi instructed TOI.

Echoing Keerthi’s issues, JP Nagar resident Ajay She laid the blame at the locals’ feet, whom he accused of treating the median as an elongated dustbin. “What is surprising is that the various cleanliness drives that have been initiated within the coronary heart of the city have not affected the outlying areas,” She brought. Queried approximately these worries, Pushpalatha said that she traveled on the ORR daily and was privy to the problem’s seriousness. “I will adopt an inspection of ORR and surrounding regions after May 23. The Mysuru City Corporation commissioner will accompany me for the inspection,” stated the mayor.

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