People are still dragging ‘St. Louis fashion’ foods on Twitter

Twitter user Alek Krautmann’s bizarre and broadly panned method of cutting bagels — as though they were loaves of bread — has been getting the meme treatment, with infinite snack manufacturers and restaurants sharing their interpretations of “St. Louis style.” The posts have blanketed pics and gifs of sliced hamburgers, upside-down bowls of cereal, and entire baggage of cookies with milk poured into them. “People in St. Louis eat cookies like this,” tweeted Chips Ahoy! On Wednesday night.


“Some things are perfect regardless of how you slice them,” wrote the Missouri rapid food chain Lion’s Choice, which shared a photograph of the chopped-up burger.


PETA even got in on the movement.

Just no, St. Louis,” the institution tweeted. “The simplest issue that makes any of this k is that #vegan cream cheese exists.” A day later, “#Bagelgate” was nevertheless going robust — with infinite Twitter polls stoning up on Thursday, asking whether or not a sliced bagel was as awful as it sounds. Customers have been comparing the flow to Cynthia Nixon’s cinnamon and lox bagel order from Ultimate yr. Krautmann, a meteorologist, did manipulate to get help from St. Louisans.

It’s been a busy week with flooding, hail, and tornadoes. Still, we always have time for bread-sliced bagels,” tweeted the town’s National Weather Service. “(Bread-cutting bagels) makes it simpler to devour, specifically in case you’re heading someplace and want a brief chunk,” added the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in its coverage. “Bread slices the bagel, and you may dip it inside the cream cheese while walking, riding, or typing at your table. It’s simpler to eat.”

Some locals attempted to assert that they never heard of the St. Louis bagel “secret” — but Riverfront Times writer Danny Wicentowski says they’re simply playing dumb. Gotta feign normalcy to the eyes of the outdoor international, right?” he stated in a Wednesday article, in which he begged Krautmann to stop slicing, particularly because Panera is gifting him with free bagels.

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