Wedding Inspiration: A Bedazzled Indian Celebration at Pebble Beach

Then, please take all the hues and jewels and exceptional rituals and location it all on one of the world’s most famous stretches of golfing green overlooking the craggy cliffs and fog-hugged Pacific coast, and you have a genuinely photogenic affair. For Shivani and Saurabh Sharma, “It was love at first sight,” she says, recalling how “he threw events each couple months within the hopes that I could come to all of them, like in The Great Gatsby.” Once engaged, the couple planned a weekend-length wedding ceremony and birthday celebration at the Lodge at Pebble Beach that would be peppered with Indian traditions together with henna, jewels, and multihued, beaded sari and sherwani. The couple shared their first look and then approached their ceremony chairs and arch overlooking the ocean: Saurabh hiked in on a horse with a sword; Shivani strolled down the grassy garden, gliding over a swirling flower petal pattern.

Many of the small info—the programs, flower petal cones, desk numbers, escort playing cards, and menus—had been hand-crafted using the bride and her mom, and the day was all approximate coloration, from the intricate outfits to the florals. While the reception was inside, there was no lack of scenery: A wall of home windows let in perspectives of the water and sailboats gliding with the aid. Shivani recommends a few serious downtimes for those inside the planning degrees. “Take the week off before the wedding if you can and feature a few me time,” she says. “Relax and have amusement. There’s no factor in sweating the information at this level. Just enjoy yourselves at some point in the festivities. A good recommendation like that is some time to grasp with your family and pals. Even the bride’s ninety-five-year-vintage grandfathers in India watched the whole rite, streaming it through an aunt’s phone inside the front row. “Even at 3 am neighborhood time for him, he wasn’t going to overlook it, and he gave us his advantages at some point of the ceremony,” the groom said. “It was sincerely unique.”

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