Bride reportedly asks guest to go away wedding for sporting army uniform

A bride these days turns to Reddit for advice on whether she is wrong in asking a Navy member to go away from her wedding. The cause: he became wearing his Marine formal put on the whole with all of his medals. She wrote within the put-up, which sparked a huge debate, that she did not oppose the military but felt he was attempting to expose off. She said 300 visitors have been in attendance, and no one else wanted to put on something to make themselves stand out.

Reddit customers regarded split on her choice, with some protecting her. One man or woman wrote, “The trouble isn’t whether or not it’s formal attire, which it’s miles. The problem is its attention-in search to put on it at a non-military-associated event. You don’t wear an interest-seeking outfit at someone else’s wedding ceremony.”Another person said she needed to let him live. Military uniforms are considered formal apparel. Unless you specifically requested human beings do now not to wear them, he turned into adhering to your dres’ code, and it’s notably classless to ask a person now not doing whatever wrong to leave an occasion they have been invited to. People could not have given a 2nd thought to him searching back – they’ll consider your terrible conduct.


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The son of one of my husband’s family friends confirmed as much as my wedding ceremony in his Marines formal put-on, with all his medals. I don’t have anything in opposition to all and sundry within the military; however, this changed into a black-tie non-compulsory wedding. Although it felt very out of location, he seemed to be trying to reveal off. My marriage had over three hundred guests; nobody else wanted to put on something to make them stand out.

Until I asked him to leave, he of route becbecamery polite and preferred a gentleman, as one may count on from an armed forces member. Even a few excited teenage girls at my wedding wanted to take an image with him, to which he graciously agreed. Many human beings have been thanking him for his provider. Frankly, it felt like the simplest motive he wore to be inside the highlight and make it about him, which I don’t assume you imagine doing at someone else’s wedding ceremony. If he desires to wear that to his wedding ceremony, then nice, but the whole point of having a dress code at a wedding is so that nobody guest will stand out too much. I felt that he has to have regarded this since the complete factor of uniforms within the military is that you don’t stand out from anyone else! I felt bad about asking him to leave, but it simply didn’t feel proper for him to be there like that.”

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