Why Shoes Are the ‘Gateway Drug’ to Shopping for Men

And the timing of the event couldn’t have been higher. According to First Insight chief commercial officer Jim Shea, who turned into a speaker at the occasion, menswear is outpacing the womenswear market in terms of increase. It could maintain this route for at least the next few years.


Here are five key takeaways from the summit.

Retail Merchandising Is Challenged

The manner that stores are installed with the aid of a branch, w is not how they get dressed, especially at this point. You consider it a grown guy who’s very elegant; however, in price might be carrying a game coat, is probably carrying tailor-made trousers; however, he might be doing it with sneakers. Nobody’s attire is head to toe in anybody’s logo, so the way shops are set up now makes it an assignment for the client to discover what he’s seeking. He has to visit them in the shape department for a game jacket if he wants it, he desires to go to the sneaker branch for something else, he desires to see the trousers or the denim to discover something, and if he doesn’t locate what he’s searching out, it becomes very challenging.” — Josh Peskowitz, men’s fashion director at Moda Operandi

.Brands Need to Move Quicker, Be More Fluid

The business world isn’t set up for the rate wherein we flow. You men didn’t set your companies up to move how we circulate. You set your agencies up to shop for in those little boxed seasons — spring/summer, pre-, mainline, this line. F**ok, all that. We are available and pass how we circulate; we get what we get and want what we need while we need it. That’s why department stores are shuttering, and that’s why Amazon is thrashing humans a** — it’s no longer that Amazon has wonderful products; it’s simply that you may get what you need when you want it, the way you want it. … The speed of change is what most people weren’t geared up for in this enterprise. Most humans aren’t prepared to dash a marathon. Today’s enterprise is a marathon, but it’s now not a sluggish pass. You should dash a marathon, forestall, pivot, then sprint the alternative way. If not, you could’t preserve up with these days’ enterprise.” — James Whitner, owner of The Whitaker Group.

Talk to People Is a Must in Retail — but Not Easy to Do

I was very encouraged by my father and through what I heard as a child about the carrier. I began on the sales floor and had unique thoughts about what a provider became and the art of selling and catering to people, which I continually loved doing. I accept it as true when talking to human beings in a store. Today, talking to human beings once they stroll into the shop is a loaded element — are their AirPods on, are they speakme on the cellphone, do they no longer want to be disturbed, are their AirPods simply off their ears so that you don’t speak to them?

Today, the sale’s artwork is this large sensitive dance that I’m not always positive about how to do. But I assume that if you can sell somebody in a store, in particular, exclusive and what they didn’t walk in for, you could make an effect and make a customer. And they’ll come again for you because I assume the shop’s greatest stock are the those who work there.” — Jeffrey Kalinsky, president and founder of Jeffrey USA and VP and fashion designer fashion director of Nordstrom.

Shoes Are the Gateway Drug

I suppose the shoes are the gateway drug; for plenty of guys who have by no means spent cash on style, they’re going, beginning with even a [Adidas] Yeezy sneaker or a Balenciaga sneaker. The sneaker isn’t always going to be sufficient. Then they’re going to want that piece of apparel. The shoe is the way to the pocketbook from time to time for men.” — Jeffrey Kalinsky, president and founding father of Jeffrey USA and VP and fashion designer style director of Nordstrom.

Be About More Than Just Product

People need extra from the brands they purchase [from] than simply pure wearing success. We labored with Alex [Honnold] because there has been what we notion was a noxious verbal exchange taking place in political discourse around walls and constructing walls. Our complete commercial enterprise is about bringing down partitions. Our enterprise is about exploration; it’s about travel; it’s about human beings moving around the planet; it’s about humans doing hard things, it’s approximately people changing their lives. We determined to hijack this. We have been like, forget about approximately this; this became the worst issue we’ve ever heard of. We will take our platform and dedicate it to protest against this perception of building walls.” — Tim Bantle, global GM of lifestyle with The North Face.

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