YouTuber is going viral after earthquake ruins makeup educational – but became it real?

On July 5, Los Angeles, California, changed into the rock with a massive 7.1 earthquake and some of the aftershocks that rumbled on all through the nighttime. It, manifestly, interrupted masses of daily sports within the surrounding area and even played a part in messing up some of Twitch streams – with lovers witnessing Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s whole set-up shake all through a recreation. However, one creator has used the moment to spread two-12 months lengthy pranks on viewers.

ruins makeup educational

Later within the day, on July five, YouTuber Ali J’ uploaded a video of herself having a ‘simple’ makeup tutorial being interrupted with the earthquake’s aid – giving her the reputedly ideal recipe for a viral video. The YouTuber commenced out by surely applying red lipstick to her lips earlier than the earthquake struck, and the makeup went across her face – leaving Ali J looking just like the Joker from Batman. While the timing seemed superb, it is merely a piece too proper to be true. Members of the YouTube remark phase speedy went to work on dissecting the video for any little imperfection they might find, as they couldn’t believe it became actual.

It didn’t appear earlier than some net detectives found that every one of the Ali J YouTube films has been recorded in an Earthquake simulator – with evaluation images of her historical past and movies from the simulator itself displaying placing similarities. Others talked about that the YouTuber had now not uploaded an unmarried video when you consider that April of 2018, with the background, no longer converting in any respect in that period. Some visitors additionally noted that the video’s identity made a factor of getting the date in there even as the alternative uploads went by the time that YouTube mechanically produces.

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